Things I have learned painfully

Humility is hard. You can only claim it if you have sacrificed something important. If you know what that sacrifice is, you should be able to name it. Can you?

The way you do anything is the way you do everything. If you can find the problems/issues in the unimportant things that go wrong, you will find the same things sabotaging your important things.

The worst thing you can own is an excuse. And if your thinking patterns are such that they invariably lead to excuses, then you will always have an achievement challenge. (Sometimes excuses masquerade as explanations.)

The things you don’t do gets you the things you don’t want. If the fear and pain of those things you don’t want outweighs the gains you may get, then you will be motivated to act. (E.g. if the ridicule of obesity outweighs the pleasure of eating, you will find the motivation to diet.) Find the motivation at the point of pain. If you can’t get yourself to act, you are not hurting enough. Don’t kid yourself…

Other people’s recipe for success is not your recipe of success. Imitation is sincere flattery, but that is all. It is no guarantee that you will get what they got. This may well be the greatest fraud perpetrated on mankind ever. Your journey to success is as unique as your fingerprints. If there is ONE lesson to learn about other people’s success is that there is NO lesson to learn. Practically that means that you are more likely to find success the opposite way of everyone else. That or madness…

There are no answers to those tough, ‘life’ questions. (E.g. why can’t people just get along?) Or if there are answers, no one knows the answers, which is the same thing. That is why the idea of God exists and why it is logical to believe. There must be an answer if there is a question. If we don’t have it, someone or Something does.

When a tree falls in a forest, it doesn’t make a sound. (When a post gets published and no one reads it, it doesn’t exist.

That’s all.


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